Building a Kubernetes Raspberry pi3 cluster with rak8s and ansible

This is to document my home pi3 cluster setup when using HypriotOS and Rak8s.

Quick example with fuse 7 and karaf2

This is just a quick blog post to show how to get up and running quickly with Fuse 7.2 using a slightly older archetype.

Mounting Volumes using oc run with overrides

Small post to explain that if you ever need to use oc run and need to mount a volume for the process, then it is possible to do this by using overrides:

Testing ActiveMQ on Openshift using the activemq-perf-plugin

I have been meaning to write a blog post on this topic for a while. When on engagements and installing ActiveMQ on Openshift, I am often asked what is a quick way of testing out the install. Many times I would write a simple application using camel with a producer and consumer, however, this wouldn’t result in giving much on the statistics front.

Using Spring Batch to Orchestrating Jobs on Openshift

Batch jobs are a stalwart of any enterprise software collection. Even in this world of event driven architectures we cannot escape the fact that database jobs, and file based csv input/output probably drives the majority of our banking systems and various integrations.