SFTP and Camel on Openshift using key authentication

I had a colleague who was having issues with public key authentication with SFTP, so I wanted to be able to set this situation up on my minishift/crc environment in order to figure out how to do this.

Securing http containers with ssl client certificates and an nginx sidecar container

Usually anything to do with certificates and security, I end up spending far more time than I expected, so this blog post is an attempt to reduce time spent in the future. Certs bloody certs. Ok, so the scenario:

Approving a CSR on an Openshift v4 cluster

When starting a new Openshift v4 cluster you can sometimes get errors like remote error: tls: internal error. This is due to certificates not being approved yet. This can be shown when attempting to get logs from a container:

Adding an OAuth Htpasswd provider to an Openshift v4 cluster

If you are logged in as kube:admin you can perform the following:

Using minishift to spin up and use sql server databases

Just a quick article to show how to spin up a sql server database on Openshift/Minishift and connect to it.