Creating Simple SOAP Webservice mocks with Camel

This article demonstrates how to get a SOAP web service up and running really quickly using Camel, Spring Boot and CXF. All based on the tremendous Fuse Integration Services 2.0 for Openshift.

Monitoring ActiveMQ queue depths on Openshift with Prometheus and Grafana

In this post I will explain how to add the Prometheus agent to the Red Hat ActiveMQ image, so that Prometheus is able to scrape queue depths from the ActiveMQ running in your Openshift environment.

Running different security provider jars in Karaf

I recently did some work at a client who were using a 3rd party provided java library in order to encrypt and decrypt data. This library had a specific algorithm, and would also use System.LoadLibrary() in order to load the jar. Their chosen platform was Jboss Fuse, the karaf flavour.

Camel JDBC aggregation repository

Just a post to note that if you are running multiple aggregators in your context, then you will need to ensure you specify different aggregation repositories.

Running once off tasks in openshift

There are multiple ways to run once-off jobs in OpenShift, in this article I will cover a few different approaches.