Iterate maps and lists with Java

Basic Java iteration loops, just for reference :)

Iterate maps and lists with groovy

Basic groovy map and list iterations, just for reference :)

Run a spring boot jar as a linux service with systemd

Generate a new spring boot camel project by running a maven archetype (maven settings.xml supplied at the end of this article if you need the repositories):

Read files from an ftp server and write them to console with groovy and apache camel

If you haven’t already got groovy installed, ensure it is (instructions for Fedora below):

Producing and Consuming AMQ7 messages with STOMP and bash

A quick post showing a neat way to post and consume messages on Jboss AMQ7 using the STOMP protocol. The initial idea behind this was to do a simple bash health check that would produce a message to a queue, and then confirm that message by consuming it.