Getting Camel on EAP6 to talk JMS with Artemis on EAP7 via JNDI

Running the application on EAP6 it will use the hornetQ libraries in order to communicate over JMS to the new artemis broker running on EAP7. The artemis broker is backwards compatible.

Playing around with Minio on Minishift

Minio is a light weight AWS s3 compatible object storage server. Part of the knative tutorial is setting it up on minishift which I have also documented in my own way here.

Use groovy and curl to grab Jolokia metrics

Jolokia is usually bundled in with a number of Red Hat products in order to expose JMX statistics over HTTP. If you are an authenticated user, then you are able to query these statistics.

Getting fuse/camel groovy scripts built as a spring boot fat jar with gradle

Why? Sometimes you may not have access to various resources in environments in order to encapsulate all of the dependencies of your :”script” (DISCLAIMER: You’re now basically making a full blown groovy/java project). But this could also be handy if you’ve written a groovy script and want to make it into a full blown application.

Getting started and securing apache activemq artemis

Download apache artemis from and/or alternatively you can download Red Hat Jboss AMQ from the Red Hat portal: